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Spiderman: The Movie (PC)

Here are a whole load of extras and codes:

All cheats need to be entered at the options menu and usually the Green 
Goblin will laugh if you have entered the code correctly  

All Levels + Movies                    - ARACHNID 
Get Super Coolant                      - CHILLOUT 
Get Big head mode                      - JOELSPEANUTS 
Unlock All-Fighting Controls           - KOALA 
All Production notes + some Movies     - IMIARMAS 
Get Character Scientist                - SERUM 
Get Character Shocker                  - HERMANSCHULTZ 
Get Character Mary Jane Watson         - GIRLNEXTDOOR 
Get Character Thug 1                   - KNUCKLES 
Get Character Thug 2                   - STICKYRICE 
Get Character Thug 3                   - THUGSRUS 
Get Character Matrix Spidey            - FREAKOUT 
Get Character Helicopter Pilot         - CAPTAINSTACEY 
Get Character Police Officer           - REAL HERO 
Get Matrix Attacks                     - DODGETHIS 
Get Unlimited Webbing                  - ORGANICWEBBING 
Get Next Level Feature in in-game menu - ROMITAS 
Get 1st Person Mode                    - UNDERTHEMASK 
Get Extra Training Levels              - HEADEXPLODY 
Get Big Head & Feet Spider-Man         - GOESTOYOURHEAD 
Get Tiny Spider-Man                    - SPIDERBYTE
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