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Spider-Man: The Movie 2 (PC)

Change Max Health 
1. This requires a saved game to work, so either start a new game
and reach a save point or use an old save.

2.  Backup  the files: gamestat.ini and game#.ini (where # is the
number  of  the  saved  game  from  0-9)  from the Spider-Man 2 System

3. Edit both files with notepad.exe (or equivalent).

4a. For Spider-Man 2 System gamestat.ini change the line:

MaxHealth=100 // 200 is upgraded value 


MaxHealth=1000 // 2000 is upgraded value 

Now save the file. 

4b. For Spider-Man 2 System game#.ini change the value: 



Health=1000 MaxHealth=1000 

This  will  give you 1000 hit points 10x the standard. Use higher
values  if  necessary, you can edit your current health at any time by
reaching  a  save  point  and  changing  the  line  Health=###  in the
game#.ini to it's max value again. This doesn't effect enemy forces.
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