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Speedball 2 (PC)

Here is how to get a mega tough team:
Start a new league or cup game and when you're on the manager screen save the
game and quit. Load the file LEAGUE.SAV or CUP.SAV into a Hex editor.  Search
for 12 chains of 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 and change them all to FF.  Then
change the fifth and sixth bytes of the file to FF and 30 respectively.  Save
the file and restart the game. All your players now have attributes of 255 in
all areas and you should have enough money to repair them if they get injured.

Here is how to score 80 points in one throw if you're playing down the field!
First make sure that every attacking player has 180 points throwing ability.
Second throw the ball around the multiplier twice and then follow these
Approach the bottom left warp from along the wall from below and throw a low
left aftertouch curler into the warp.  The ball shoots out of the opposite
warp hugging the wall as it goes.  As it follows its path it touches and
lights all five of the wall stars on the right-hand wall.  It then rebounds
off of the score multiplier and travelling in the opposite direction lights
all five stars again.  If the opposing team's midfield attempts to intercept
the ball on its path then beat them up.
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