Онлайн база чит кодов на русском языке

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Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators (PC)

For the following codes goes that you need to hold down [Shift]+[Ctrl]
to activate them, and then type the code. There are some codes that 
need to be entered in a specific area or part of the game. 
Note: Each of these codes has a cost in cheat points, which are 
      replenished at the rate of 1/day. If you try to activate a cheat 
      you do not have the points for, you will be informed of your current 
      number of cheat points:

(at any planet's equipment screen) 
10,000 credits - Unknown

(in hyperspace) 
destroys all enemies unless Keller is present - 30 points

(as above)      
100,000 credits - 300 points
nextrank     (in military base) get next military rank - 90 points

(in space) 
reduces weight/size of equipped standard items by half - 300 points

(in ranger station) 
gain 1000 ranger points - 150 points

(on a plant) 
random base forms in the current system, max 3 - 30 points

fly into sun, full repair of items - 40 points

Cheat Codes:
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Repair          - Over the Sun in Each System: 40
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanMax      - Everywhere: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanCall     - Space: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+RangerPoints    - Ranger Station: 150
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+NextRank        - Military Base: 90
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+CoolWeapon      - On Planet: 100
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+LowCostWeapon   - On Planet: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Bomb            - Space: 60
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Artefact        - Hyperspace: 40
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Money           - Space: 40
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Drop            - Space: 60
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Packing         - Space: 300
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanItem     - Science Station: 160
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+WeaponStrength  - Pirate Base: 200
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+10Bomb          - Space: 140
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+RndBase         - On Planet: 30
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+OpenMapSector   - Pirate Base: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+HugeMoney       - Hyperspace: 300
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+PelengSurprise  - Anywhere: 100
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+SuperHull       - Space: 250
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Boom            - Battle in Hyperspace: 30
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+HateRangers     - Everywhere: 10
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Pirates         - Space: 100

[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Word means that you need to hold Ctrl and
Shift keys, than type word and only than release Ctrl+Shift
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