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Soldier of Fortune 2 (DEMO) (PC)

Edit the shortcut: 
"C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix
\SoF2.exe" +set console 1
Once in the game, you may bring down the console by pressing the 
tilde (~) key, or by pressing ESC at the main menu. some keyboard 
setup may differ from english version keyboards but to show the 
cheat console same tidle key is used 

If you have the demo version the cheats are:
God = God ModeNoclip = Allows you to fly around, and clip through 
walls.Notarget = Makes you invisible so the enemies can't see you.
Timescale .X = This cheat makes the game run in slow-motion. 
The X is replaced with a number ranging from 1-10.The lower the 
number, the slower the game. .4 is a good slow motion speed.
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