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SOL: Exodus (PC)

Console Command Cheats:
All of these entered during game-play unless otherwise specified. 
To open console, use the tilde key (~). 
These may affect the game in other ways. Tested on v 1.11.4831. 

set sol_ship_hades isecondaryammo 500            - 500 Missiles               
set sol_ship_atlas health 999999                 - Day 4: Neptune Atlas health
set sol_ship_hades rbasemaxspeed 4000            - Higher Max Speed           
set sol_ship_hades rsecondarylockonthresh 0.01f  - Instant Missile Lockon     
set Sol_ship_hades health 20000                  - Lots more health           
set sol_ship_hades rmagblaststrinc 1.0f          - Low/no Mag Cannon Cooldown 
set sol_ship_hades raboverheatincrement 0.0f     - No Afterburner depletion   
set sol_ship_hades roverheatincrement 0.0f       - No Cannon Cooldown         
pause                                            - Pause game from Console    
set gfxsolpostGame iavailableupgrades 20         - Unverified: 20 upgrades (*)

(*) Done before mission end or at upgrade screen.
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