Онлайн база чит кодов на русском языке

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Snoopy (PC)

Pick up the food bowl and go right.  Give the food bowl to Charlie Brown,
wait, and eat the food.  Go to the hut, pick up the typewriter, use and give
letter to Charlie Brown.  Eat cookies and use the cookie jar to catch the
frog.  Get umbrella, use it to walk under the rain cloud and get ball.
Kick the ball onto the river, pick up coin and jump over barrels and ball.
Toss the coin into the well.
Jump back across and get catapult.  Jump back and burst the ballons.  Get
the pump.  Pump up Lucy's paddling pool.  Fill pool with hose water, get
frog in jar and scare Lucy by letting it loose.  Pick up horse and take it
to the tree with the kite.  Get pump and pump of the horse.  Jump on horse
to get the kite.  Get to the rain cloud with the kite, and give the kite to
Charlie Brown.  Follow him, pick up the key, use in school lockers.  Get
blanket and give it to Linus.  The End!
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