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Pokemon Stadium (PC)

GET FLYING PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go to R-2 Pokecup Masterball.Use Pikachu In every fight
(IT MUST BE YOUR OWN!Not a rental) and never lose.
Your Pikachu will learn Fly!!!

GET SURFING PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Same as flying pikachu only do it in R-2 Prime Cup!!!

Wake up your pokemon!!!
After you pick your attack,hold A+C-right.

Extra Damage!
Hold A while attacking.

Less damage
Hold B while being attacked.

Amnesia Psyduck
Get all 151 in the Hall of Fame.

Doduo and Dodrio Gameboy
Beat Pittie And Pika Cups in R-1 to get super fast gameboy tower.

Beat everything.

Beat Mewtwo.

Bonus stickers
Beat Mewtwo in R-2. Go to the Gallery And hol L+R buttens
While selecting can know print background stickers.

Free pokemon
Beat gymleader castles elite four.You will get one of the following:
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