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Hugo 4: Nitemare 3D (PC)

Full life:
While in the game press [Shift] and [+] simultaneously.

 2  - 4124463113 
 3  - 6873716457 
 4  - 1655668841 
 5  - 1522121211 
 6  - 8415516487 
 7  - 4124472636 
 8  - 4164141264 
 9  - 5873571426 
 10 - 2526216546 
 11 - 1547385756 
 12 - 8416877318  

How to get the YELLOW PENTAGRAM:
Shoot Dracula from as far away as possible. After the first
shot, he will turn and run away. Repeat, from as far away as
possible, with just one shot, until he turns into a bat.
Don't kill the bat yet!
Shoot at it, chasing it into the dumbwaiter room.
If you follow the bat and go up in the dumbwaiter, you will find
a room with a new door.
Just don't kill the bat before it reaches the dumbwaiters.
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