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Hearts of Iron (PC)

To enable the cheats you need to be in gameplay(singleplayer) and press 
down F12 to bring down the console.

In the console write the following: 
coal        - Gives you coal
steel       - Gives you steel
rubber      - Gives you rubber
oil         - Gives you oil
manpower    - Gives you more men to slaughter 
supplies    - get 10000 supplies
nuke        - get 1 nuke
escorts     - more escorts 
war         - everyone wants war 
nowar       - AI doesn't want war 
di          - Diplomatic influence set to 500 
nolimit     - troop building limits gone 
norevolts   - AI revolt toggle 
nofog       - Fog of war toggle 
handsoff    - Auto event pause toggle 
difrules    - Invincibility toggle 
fullcontrol - control all nations toggle 
showid      - province ID toggle 
event 1013  - More industrial capacity 
transports  - More transports
event 1014  - lowers or raises dissent level upon decision
ships 202   - more ships
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