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Haunted Mission (PC)

neutralize ghosts with neutralizer in the spirit shop.

use sword on wasp in trophy room.

buy .45 auto from gun shop.
lift board in porch with crowbar -> silver ingots
goto tools room. put ingot in crucible. pour silver in
mold. -> bullet.
load gun. shoot werewolf.

put cue ball in incubator -> alien. blow dart with cue stick.

break fortune cookie in chinese restaurant -> proverb. read it.
cut apple with knife -> blade. put blade in razor.
shave head in bath -> quarter. insert quarter in pin-ball
machine -> flint.
get the stick. rub flint -> stick catches fire. burn witch in
spell room.

move bed in maid's room -> trap door. open door -> caught
by moss.
throw bottle of acid at moss.

hammer stake with mallot.

poison dogfood with vial of poison. feed dog.

give note in dave's tobacco shop -> packet of tobacco.
look packet - key. unlock dungeon door. s. get man. throw
rope at ledge in the moss room.
bring the pumpkin man to the party.
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