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Football World Manager 2000 (PC)

Tips about HEXedit-ing
Football World Manager 2000 Ver 5.27

1. Players STATS
the players stats in the savedgame should be in this order :
% - Ha - Ta - Ps - Sh - St - Pa - ?? - ?? - ?? - ?? - Hd -
Fl - Dr - Ft - En

%  = Rating
Ha = Handling
Ta = Tackling
Ps = Passing
Sh = Shooting
St = Strength
Pa = Pace
?? = Not Known to ME , yet
Hd = Heading
Fl = Flair
Dr = Dribbling
Ft = Fitness
En = Energy

max value = 99 (63 in hex)

2. Misc
From last letters of the player last name :
Age      = 10th byte
Contract = 13th byte

3. How to
write down (Alt-PrntScrn suggested) at least six stats
from the player you want to edit (%-Ha-Ta-Ps-Sh-St in
this order/like above) than convert it to HEX value each
and every one of them, now open the savedgame with the
HEXeditor (HEX Workshop suggested / than
search for the converted value with the same order as
above (off-course in HEX) for safety reason search twice
if the address is the same than you could start editing
(remember to BACK-UP before you edit and to SAVE after
you edit).
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