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Five Nights At Freddy's 4 (PC)

Nightmare mode (Night 7):
Complete Night 6. Night 7 can now be selecting by choosing "Extra"
at the main menu and then "Nightmare". 

20/20/20/20 mode (Night 8):
Complete Night 6. Enter 20202020 at the "Extra" menu. Select the 
"20/20/20/20" option that replaces the "Nightmare" option to play
Night 8. 

Fredbear & Friends television show:
During one of the mini-games, you will be in a room with a television
and couch. Turn on the television to see the "Fredbear and Friends" 
1983 program.

Unlock All Nights:
Alter your game files at your own risk and ALWAYS make backups!

To "finish" all nights and unlock nights 6 and 7, follow the steps 
indicated below.

1.Access the Start menu.
2.Type in: %appdata%
3.Proceed to MMFApplications.
4.Find the file titled "fn4" (without the quotes).
5.Open it with Notepad.
6.Copy and paste the following within it:

night=5 beatgame=1 beat6=1 test=1 beat5=1 beat7=1 beat8=1 scene=5

Unlock Night 7 (Nightmare Mode):
After you complete Night 6, you can head to "Extra" 
from the main menu and select the "Nightmare" option, 
which appears under "Jumpscares" and "Fun with Plushtrap."

Unlock Night 8 (20/20/20/20 Mode):
To unlock Night 8, you need to head to the "Extra" menu and enter 20202020. 
The new option will appear under "Fun with Plushtrap," 
in place of the "Nightmare" option. For that reason, 
you will need to have completed up through Night 6 in 
order to be able to play Night 8.
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