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Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (PC)

Getting new weapons:
At the start of Empire mode your character will receive his first weapon. 
It will be adequate for a while, but naturally you are going to want 
an upgrade as soon as possible. I had no clue on how to get the three 
other weapons myself during my first campaign, so to prevent my fellow 
gamers from suffering the same fate and showing up at Cao Cao's doorstep 
with a toothpick, I will hereby reveal the secret.

To get the tier two and tier three weapons, all you have to do is upgrade 
the correct smithy. For swords you upgrade the swordsmith, for spears the 
spearsmith, and all other/exotic weapons are filed under weaponsmith. 
You will get the tier 2 weapon when the respective smithy reaches 100 points; 
the tier 3 weapon will be given when that smithy reaches 200 points.

This leaves the tier 4 weapon, which is slightly more difficult to get. 
First you must level the smith to 300 and then enter a battle in Empire Mode. 
Once there, you need to kill 500 enemies and win the battle at the end.
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