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Duke Nukem 3D (PC)

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. 
Note: Codes may not be enabled in multi-player mode.

CODE                       EFFECT                                                        
dncornholio                Toggle God mode                                               
dnkroz                     God mode and unlimited jet pack                               
dnstuff                    All weapons, maximum ammo, all keys, all items                
dnitems                    Maximum armor, all keys, all items                            
dnhyper                    Use steroids, even if not in inventory                        
dnscotty    Level select 
                           (example: dnscotty309 for episode 3 level 9)     
dncashman                  Press [Space] for money                                       
dnview                     Alternate viewpoint                                           
dnrate                     Display frame rate                                            
dnskill   Change skill level                                            
dnbeta                     "Pirates Suck" message                                        
dncosmo                    "Register Cosmo" message                                      
dnallen                    "Buy Major Stryker" message                                   
dnclip                     Walk through some walls                                       
dnkeys                     All keys                                                      
dnweapons                  All weapons and ammo                                          
dndebug                    Display debug information                                     
dncoords                   Display coordinates                                           
dnshowmap                  Display entire map                                            
dnunlock                   Toggle all doors                                              
dntodd                     Display message                                               
dnmonsters                 Toggle monsters                                               
dninventory                All inventory                                                 

Level select values:
Use the following entries with the dnscotty code.
Information in this section was contributed by WildKid56. 

101             209 (Boss)
102             210       
103             211       
104             301       
105 (Boss)      302       
106             303       
201             304       
202             305       
203             306       
204             307       
205             308       
206             309 (Boss)
207             310       
208             311       

Maximum health and ammunition:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup 
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit 
the "user.con" file in the game folder. Find the "MAXHEALTH" 
or "MAXPLAYERHEALTH" entry and change "100" to "9999". 
Find the "MAXAMMOFORPISTOLS 100" entry and change it 
to "MAXAMMOFORPISTOLS 500". Do the same for the other weapons in the file.

"Damn I'm Good" difficulty level God mode:
Begin a new game at the "Come Get Some" difficulty level. Enable 
the God mode cheat code and begin a new game under "Damn I'm Good" 
difficulty level. 

Opponent viewpoint:
Begin a modem multiplayer game and enable recording on the 
options screen. Press K during game play to view the game from 
your opponent's view point. 

Third person view of players 2 to 8 in demos:
Begin a game and hit [F7]. Press [Esc] and select "Quit To Title". 
You will now see players 2 to 8 from a third person view. 
Information in this section was contributed by Data. 

Glitch: Floating dead:
Enable the dncornholio code and go to the cogs on level 3. 
Go behind them and continuously run into them, which would normally 
kill Duke. Keep doing this and you should appear above the cogs, 
dead but floating and still being able to move, shoot, and fall. 
Jump to return to normal again.
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