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Drowned God (PC)

When trying to beat your opponent in the Knights
Templar puzzle, losing two out of three games sends
you back to the start. To avoid this, when you lose a
game, click to exit the puzzle when you hear the
scathing remarks about your failure. Then, click back
on the puzzle again, and you'll be able to pick up
where you left off. -Sometimes it's hard to hear.
So save often and replay segments where you think you
may have missed critical facts. Keep in mind, however,
that you're limited to just six save positions.
To get around the problem of having only six save-game
locations, back up or compress the six dgsave#.dat files
(where # is a number from 0-5) and the dgnames.dat file.
You can restore them later if you need to backtrack in
the game.
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