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Dead Rising 4 (PC)

Easy PP:
This method will allow you to kill approximately 1,200+ zombies 
every 5-8 minutes. Keep your zombie score multiplier running to get 
bonus PP and scrap for reaching milestones. Go to the church 
in south-eastern West Ridge. This area contains huge hordes of zombies. 
Near the steps is a military platform with an Exo Suit. Grab it, 
then get the Vacuum upgrade for the Exo Suit to the left of the stairs. 
Kill as many zombies as possible while circling the church. You can 
easily get 1,200+ zombie kills before the power runs out. Once the power 
runs out on the Exo Suit, enter the nearby van and drive it to the bridge 
connecting West Ridge to Old Town. This will activate a checkpoint. 
Once a checkpoint is activated, everything in the area will be reset. 
Return to the church in West Ridge and collect the Exo Suit and Vacuum upgrade
again. Repeat this process as many times as desired. The level cap is 100.

Infinite scrap:
While at any Emergency Shelter, go to the basement and fast travel 
to the Willamette Mall Emergency Shelter. Use the Employee's Only 
hallway to reach Caribbean Cove through the back doors that lead 
straight into the Pirate Ship's bottom floor entrance. In the first Pirate 
Ship room, loot the Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests typically 
give approximately 4,000 scrap. Then, pause the game and select 
the "Load Last Checkpoint" option. You will return to the Willamette 
Mall Emergency Shelter and the Treasure Chest will have respawned. 
Repeat this process as many times as desired. You can get 
approximately 40,000 scrap every 10 minutes.

Getting Exo Suits:
To unlock the Exo Suit, progress through the main story until you leave 
Willamette Memorial Megaplex and reach Old Town. While in Old Town, 
the Exo Suit will become available. To get more Exo Suits, find the 
caches marked "Exo Suit" scattered throughout the game. The caches
can also be in other supply crates or just lying on the ground in corners. 
To easily find an Exo Suit, look for large shipping containers guarded 
by Obscuris mercenaries since those containers usually have an Exo Suit 
cache in them. The battery in an Exo Suit only lasts two minutes. 
An Exo Suit basically allows you to easily kills zombies while 
being invincible and having unlimited stamina. Additionally, 
some interactions are only possible with an Exo Suit, which provide 
unconventional weapons for the Exo Suit that can be further enhanced by 
collecting ammunition crates for power-ups, such as guns and missiles.
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