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Alchemy (PC)

Create the following elements by combining the corresponding ingredients:

1UP                 - Life Mushroom
Alcohol             - Fire Water
Algae               - life water
Ash                 - Fire Worm
Bacteria            - Life Swamp
Beach               - Water Sand
Brick house         - Brick Concrete
Brick               - Clay Fire
Butterfly           - Air Worm
Carbon Dioxide      - Oxygen Man
Caviar              - Fish Fish; or Fish Egg
Cement              - Clay Limestone
Chicken             - Egg Life
City                - Skyscraper Skyscraper
Clay                - Sand Swamp
Coal                - Fire Tree
Coin                - Mario Brick
Concrete            - Cement Water
Continent           - Country Country
Corpse              - Fire Man
Country             - City City
Dilemma             - Egg Chicken
Dinosaur            - Earth Egg
Dust                - Air Earth
Egg                 - Life Stone
Electricity         - Energy Metal
Energy              - Air Fire
Fire elemental      - Fire Life
Fish                - Snake Water
Flu                 - Air Bacteria
Fossil              - Butterfly Earth
Frankenstein        - Corpse Electricity
Geyser              - Steam Earth
Glass               - Fire Sand
Golem               - Clay Life
Grave               - earth corpse
Hourglass           - Glass Sand
Iodine              - Algae Fire
Lamp                - Fire Glass
Lava                - Earth Fire
Lichen              - Mushroom Algae
Life                - Energy Swamp
Limestone           - Shells Stone
Man                 - Golem Life
Mario               - 1UP Man
Metal               - Fire Stone
Mite                - Life Dust
Molotov cocktail    - Fire Alcohol
Mud                 - Dust Water
Mushroom            - Earth Algae
Omelet              - Egg Fire
Oxygen and hydrogen - Water Electricity
Oxyhydrogen         - Oxygen Hydrogen
Ozone               - Oxygen Electricity
Planet              - Continent Continent
Plankton            - Bacteria Water
Russia              - Vodka Country
Rust                - water metal
Sand                - Stone Water; or Air Stone
Seed                - Life Sand
Sex                 - Man Man
Shells              - Plankton Stone
Skyscraper          - Brick House Glass
Snake               - Sand Worm
Steam               - Air Water
Stone               - Air Lava
Storm               - Air Energy
Swamp               - Earth Water
Tree                - Earth Seed
Typhoon             - Storm Water
Vodka               - Alcohol Water
Worm                - Earth Plankton
Yoshi               - 1UP Egg
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