Cheats for WWE 2K17 (PC)

Easy VC:
You do not actually need to play MyCareer or Universe mode to get a good
amount of VC. If you want to get a good amount of VC from Exhibition matches,
perform different types of moves during matches, like submissions, dives,
using tools, etc. Let your opponent pin you down and then get back up.
Perform counter-attacks, signature moves, and finishers/OMG finishers.
Basically, make the fight as exciting as possible to get as much VC as
possible from the match. Just be careful not to repeat things more than
required. Combine a lot of different things together, perform crazy moves,
and you should get a 5-star rating for the match and a good amount of VC.

Easy submissions:
The submission process has two phases. You first need to make sure your
opponent does not have much stamina available. The lower you can take it,
the better chance you have for a successful submission. One of the quickest
ways to deplete your opponent's stamina is by using Rest Hold. To perform
Rest Hold, you can either grab your opponent from behind or grab him or
her once and then press [Grab] again. Once you have successfully executed
that, try to weaken one of his or her limbs and work towards the submission.
Going with multiple submissions can drastically damage the limb and make
the submission easier. Also, keep the submission stats of your wrestlers
in mind. There are wrestlers that have submissions as their finishing
moves as well, which makes forcing a submission much easier.
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