Cheats for Worms: Armageddon (PC)

Earn a gold medal in the following training drills to unlock
the following cheat options:

Artillery Range - Grenades will be more powerful when this
option is enabled.
Rifle Range - Shotgun will be more powerful when this option
is enabled.
Euthanasia - The longbow will work better when this option is
enabled. (Appearsunder Weapon Options)
Crazy Crates - All weapons crates will contain sheep when this
option is enabled. (Appears under Game Options)
Basic Training - Worms will bleed when shot when this option is
enabled.(Appears under Game Options next to
the replay "R.")
Super Sheep Racing - Aqua sheep will be activated when this
option is enabled.(Appears under Weapon Options
between "Start with superweapons" and "super
weapons on/off")

Complete the following missions to unlock these cheat options:

Mission 4 - laser sight
Mission 8 - jetpack
Mission 13 - fast walk
Mission 16 - invisibility in net games
Mission 20 - low gravity
Mission 25 - indestructible landscape
Mission 33 - Super Banana Bomb power up

Earn an Elite rank in Deathmatch mode to become invincible.
Earn a gold medal and Elite rank in all missions to get Full
Wormage game options.

Infinite Weapons Ammo Trick
If you set all the weapons ammo to infinite at the weapon
ammo settings, the computer may not know about it. Instead,
it will act as if a weapon is used up after only firing a few

NOTE: This trick only works if the computer's intelligence level
is not too high, between 1 to 3 will do.

Quick Drop
If you are tired of waiting for that dumb package in which you
probably want very baddly to fall to its destination quickly then
just tap the spacebar and the parachute will disappear and the
package will fall much more quickly than if you did not.
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