Cheats for World Snooker Championship 2005 (PC)

Unlock Beijing:
Win the first round match in the China Open 
(you must win the qualifier stage first).

Unlock Videos:
There are many unlockable videos available to watch in "Player Unlocks". 
Here's how to unlock them:
147 Break Video  - Achieve the ultimate break of 147 in any snooker match
30 Break Video   - Achieve a break of 30+ in any snooker match
50 Break Video   - Achieve a break of 50+ in any snooker match
Double Video     - Successfully complete a double in any snooker match
Plant Video       - Successfully complete a (legal) plant in any snooker match

Unlock The Crucible, Sheffield:
In order to unlock The Crucible for general use, you need to enter 
the World Championship in the Tour. You need to win all the qualifiers, 
and once you play your first round match and win it, you will unlock 
The Crucible for general use.
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