Cheats for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PC)

Secret Wolfenstein 3D levels:
All nine levels from "Episode 1: Escape From Wolfenstein" in Wolfenstein 3D 
are hidden in the nine Nightmare chapters in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. 
In each chapter, search for a secret room with an empty bed, a light, 
and a Wolfenstein 3D poster. Walk up to the pillow on the bed to display 
a "Nightmare" message. Hold [Action] to activate the bonus level, 
which corresponds to the chapter it was found in. After dying in the bonus
level, you will wake up again in the bedroom you started the bonus level from. 
You can replay any Nightmare level. As soon as you wake up from a Nightmare, 
you will be able to go back to bed and enter the Nightmare again.

Secret level in Wolfenstein 3D:
Start the first Nightmare level from Wolfenstein 3D. Go to a room 
at the end of Floor 1, near where the Floor 2 elevator is located. 
Turn right, and search the wall to find a hidden room. Search the walls 
inside the secret room to find an elevator that can be used to 
reach Secret Level 10, "Floor 10".
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