Cheats for Witchaven 2 (PC)

To use these cheats hit backspace, then type in the code, then hit return.
MARKETING   - God mode
WEAPONS     - All weapons
HEALTH      - Adds health up to 100 HP, then adds potion bottles
ARMOR       - Adds armor
STRENGTH    - Adds strength
POTIONS     - All the potions
SPELLS      - All spells
KEYS        - All keys
INVIS       - Invisibility
NUKE        - Kill all enemies on the level
LEVEL##     - Warp to level ##
NOBREAK     - Weapons wont break
ENCHANT     - Enchant weapons
EXPERIENCE  - 10,000 xp.
NIGHTVISION - Cast night vision
FREEZE      - Cast freeze
MAGICARROW  - Cast magic arrow
FLY         - Cast fly
FIREBALL    - Cast fireball
SHOWMAP     - Full map
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