Cheats for Wildlife Zoo (PC)

Lots of cash:
First, to get lots of cash, start the zoo with 2 panda bears, don't add 
any zoo keepers or a green house. Plus, don't add a zoo entrance yet. 

First of all this hint would work better if your zoo started with 1 million 
something dollars. Then to make the panda's home make a fenced area. 
Add the soil which should be foliage, make a pond deep enough for 
the pandas to swim. make some small little hills here & there. 
Put a small shelter. Then scatter five bamboo plants everywhere 
in the exhibit. They will eat the bamboo plants. Finally, 
add the 2 pandas male and female. Satisfy their need like if 
they need a heating unit/cooling unit. Wait until the pandas 
have 8 babies then sell all of the baby pandas, NOT the adult ones. 
If your zoo has less than 1 million something dollars, you might need 
to sell more than 8 panda babies when the adult pandas have them. 
It would be better to sell the babies when they're worth 250 000 dollars. 
Your zoo money might end up being 3 million something dollars. 
Now you can spend your money on what ever item you want. 
If your pandas have more babies you can sell them too.
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