Cheats for WCW Nitro (PC)

Big Head Mode:
At the Select Mode screen, enter V 7 times, Q, H.

Big Head, Hands, Feet:
At the Select Mode screen, enter Q 7 times, V, H.

Swelling Head:
At the Select Mode screen, enter SPACE 7 times, T, H

Ring Skip:
At the Options Menu, press V, Q, V, Q, H. Each time you press H,
the ring will advance by one.

Ring Select:
At the Main Menu, press SPACE, T, V, Q 4 times, then press H.

All Wrestlers:
At Character Select screen, press V 4 times, SPACE 4 times, Q 4 times,
and T 4 times. Then press H to open up all the characters.

Secret Rings:
At the Main Menu, press SPACE, T, V, Q, SPACE, T, V, Q, and H.
Now you have the secret rings.

Instant Win:
Highlight a wrestler at the Character Select screen and
press SPACE, V, T, Q, SPACE, V, T, Q, and H.

While playing in the Disco ring, throw your opponent out of the
ring. Hit T and the wrestlers will do the YMCA. If you do it
long enough, the wrestler will get counted out and you will win!

To enable all the wrestlers in WCW/Nitro do the following:
Evade 4 times
Block 4 times
Tag   4 times
Taunt 4 times
Then press Help 1 time.

You should here a selection sound in the background that lets you know
it was done correctly.
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