Cheats for Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War (PC)

Level Select:
Use notepad to edit the "campaignstate.lua" file in 
the "\dawn of war\profiles\w40k\singleplayer\campaign \state1" directory. 
Change the values of the "maxmission =" and "scenario =" lines to the 
same number, which corresponds to the mission that you want to play. 
"11" is the highest value.

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [~] during game play to display the console window. 
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat
function. You must enable cheat mode by entering the options and checking 
the "Allow Cheats" box:
cheat_power( [number] )            - Get indicated amount of power               
cheat_requisition( [number] )      - Get indicated amount of requisition         
cheat_killself                     - Suicide
cheat_revealall                    - Reveal all FOW
taskbar_hide                       - Hide taskbar
taskbar_show                       - Show taskbar again
quit                               - Quit to Windows
cls                                - Clear console window
render_togglerainbow()             - Rainbow colors
render_togglexray()                - See-through white textures
render_togglewireframe()           - Colored wireframes
detail_toggle()                    - Toggle shaders
decal_toggle()                     - Toggle banners and badges                   
fog_toggle()                       - Toggle brown dust
terrlod_dist( [min], max] )        - Change distance where models lose detail
terrlod_toggle()                   - Toggle model detail drop
staticdecal_dump()                 - Dump static decal stats to file
dynamicdecal_dump()                - Dump dynamic decal stats to file
shadow_toggle                      - Toggle shadows
ingame_stats_mouseover_toggle      - Toggle mouseover stat bars
ingame_stats_toggle                - Toggle stat bars
ingame_select_ui_toggle            - Remove selection boxes
simvis_cameranearclip( "[metrs]" ) - Objects closer than this value not drawn
simvis_camerafarclip( "[metrs]" )  - Hide objects further than this value
getsimrate()                       - Display current game speed
setsimrate([number])               - Set game speed
simvis_fx_refresh                  - Screen update while console is up
simvis_list                        - Read dataratebps files & lists hndlr usage
simvis_toggle( "[channel name]" )  - Toggle subsystem visibility
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