Cheats for Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness (PC)

Press [Enter] to display the two player message box, 
type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] 
again to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: A cheat may be disabled by repeating the code. 
Cheats will affect all players in multi-player mode.

glittering prizes            - 10000 Gold, 5000 Lumber, 5000 Oil
valdez                       - 5000 Oil
spycob                       - 5000 Oil
deck me out                  - Upgrade everything
every little thing she does  - Upgrade mages all the way!
tigerlily                    - Master code for WARPING
                               type level next (orc12, human3, ...)
it is a good day to die      - God Mode
unite the clans              - Level skip
noglues                      - Disable magical traps
make it so                   - Fast build
hatchet                      - Two chops to harvest lumber
there can be only one        - Quick ending
showpath                     - Reveals map, not in multiplayer
on screen                    - Reveals map, works with multiplayer
ucla                         - Displays "Go Bruins" on screen
day                          - Displays "fief" on screen
netprof                      - Laser show
laser                        - Laser show
fastdemo                     - Demo start faster
you pitiful worm             - Instant defeat
never a winner               - Removes victory sequence and lets you
                               continue playing
allowsync                    - Allows surrender in multiplayer games
title                        - Enable or disable cheat codes during
                               multiplayer games
MAKE IT SO                   - FAST GAME
Lasershow                    - Shows lasers all around the screen
If you're playing a multi-player game these codes affect everyone. 

Cheat Without Getting Caught: 
If you want to use codes to beat the game, but don't 
like to be ranked "cheater", you can get as far ahead 
in the game as you want using cheats, then save your game. 
Quit WarCraft II, then restart it. Load your game, then 
save it in another file. Quit to the menu, load the second 
game you saved, and finish the level to remove all stigmata.
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