Cheats for Warcraft 1 (PC)

Cheat Codes
Simply hit Enter/Return and type out the cheat phrase, then
hit Return/Enter again. Thats it!! No editing of saved games is required.

Pot of Gold -adds 10000 gold and 5000 lumber
Eye of Newt -updates' magic-users with all spells!!
Sally Shears -reveals entire map
Iron Forge -update all technology instantly!!
Hurry up Guys -speeds building of units and buildings

The following are used in only single-player games and should type
Corwin of Amber   --    to activate the below code.
There can be only one -all units are invincible
(except for a catapult hit)
Your units are also able to kick major butt!!!!
Yours truly -takes you to victory sequence
Crushing defeat -takes you to loss sequence
Ides of March -takes you to final sequence in current campaign
Corwin of Amber -find out what it does
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