Cheats for Velvet Assassin (PC)

While playing, hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [O] + [E] and then press [H]
to activate Developer mode. You can then press any of the following
cheat keys.
[8]    - Add 1000 EXP
[6]    - Give Explosives
[5]    - Give Gas Mask
[9]    - Give Morphine
[2]    - Give Next Handgun
[1]    - Give Next Rifle
[G]    - God Mode
[7]    - Intended Upgrade Attributes
[N]    - Maximum Ammo for Current Weapon
[M]    - Maximum Armor
[X]    - Toggle Fly Mode
[V]    - Toggle Visibility

Cheat Method:
Browse to your Velvet Assassin\aio\ folder and open the "difficulty.cfg"
file using Notepad. You can alter any of the entries in this file to suit
your needs. 

For example, change: 

NPCDamage = 1 to NPCDamage = 0

...for Invulnerability. Note that you can also alter other files in this 
folder such as "weapons.cfg" to make further adjustments to your game.

Enemies Cannot See Violet:
Open the enemy files in the install\aio\enemyclasses folder using Notepad. 
Set all the FOV stats to 0 and the enemy will be blind to Violet. She will 
only be detected if you bump into them.
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