Cheats for Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption (PC)

Use the command line parameter -console to start the game.  
Example C:\Vampire\vampire.exe -console

Now during the game press ~ to get the console then type in 
one of the following command

xp [number]                - where number is the amount of xp you want.
revive                     - Heal, awaken, fill blood of selected 
cash [number]              - Add money to party
addalldisciplines          - Get +2 ranks in all disciplines
addthing [item]            - Get named item
freecasting                - no blood required to use disciplines
god 1                      - god mode for christof (god 0 - disable god 
                             mode OR god 2 is god mode for all.  
                             You have to switch wile typing god 2)
freeammo                   - Unlimited ammo
dropcashh [number]         - Drop moneyy
ai                         - Enemy AI gone
killme                     - You are dead for good
vault                      - Get personal vault anywhere
pack                       - Inventory sorted
poisonme                   - Get poisoned
freeze                     - Body frozen but may travel
shapeshift [creature]      - Change to creature 
shapeshift                 - change back
totals                     - scene info.
framerate 1 or framerate 0 - 1 enables display, 0 hides
whereis                    - stats on location
stakeme                    - Get staked
endgame                    - Get ending credits
resume                     - resume game
pause                      - pause game
maxfps [framerate]         - Set max framerate
diseaseme                  - Get diseased
damageme                   - Get damage
frenzyme                   - Get frenzied
emit [attack number]       - Attack emitted from character's feet

Other Codes:
You may also try these codes: aitrace, particles, heads, 
loadpath, savepath, say, statustest, changescene, advance, 
changechronicle, getcls, combatmessages, scaleme, embraceme, 
*aura, camtest, setsoak, getchronflag, setchronflag, 
clearchronflag, netstat, read, shell, emit, roomtype, 
autoswitchtest, enemycount, throwgib, setdetect, sethide, 
hands, stcmd, team, maxopenedlocs, noitemstatchecks, endgame, 

Jump to Level or Waypoint:
Use the "Jump" code to instantly jump to areas within the 
game. Place a # after the level name to jump to waypoints 
on that level.
ie: "Jump Monastery2" and "Jump Monastery2 1".
NOTE: This will update your auto-save if you change to a 
different level.

Area Listing:
Convent                     PragueCastle          
ConventDay                  PrinceBrandl          
OldTownDay                  GoldenLane            
SmithyDay                   DummyNorthQuarter     
Inn4StagsDay                DummyNorthGate        
JudithBridgeDay             DummyNorthQuarterGate 
University                  SilverMines           
StThomas                    SilverMines2          
GoldenLaneDay               SilverMines3          
UnornaDay                   SilverMinesNight      
EastGate                    Monastery             
EastGateNight               Monastery2            
OldTown                     Monastery3            
Smithy                      ArdanChantry          
Inn4Stags                   ArdanChantry2         
JudithBridge                ArdanChantry3         
Unorna                      ArdanChantry4         
Haven                       JosefTunnels                                 
PetrinHill                  JosefTunnels2                                
PetrinHillDay               JosefTunnels3                                
AnezkaRoom                  VysMountain                                  
If you cannot save at a particular location, enter a 
gate to another waypoint. The game will auto-save and 
allow you to load from this point if you die. 
Note: To enabling saving at a particular location, 
update the game to v1.1.

Free Junk on Multiplayer Mode:
First you must join a room. Then create a game, it doesnt 
matter which but it must have storyteller mode on. After 
you have started the game go to the story teller mode and 
click on the chest icon. This way you can spawn money, 
weapons, or anything else in the game.

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the addthing code:

Swords                Greatshield_unholy      Assaultrifle_sighted   
Ainkurnsword          Riotshield              Assaultrifle_modified  
Bastardsword          Sunshield               Chaingun               
Bastardswordfine      Footmanshield           Flamethrower           
Bastardswordexq       Pole Weapons            Rocketlauncher         
Broadsword            Bastion                 Incinerator            
Broadswordfine        Bastionfine             Grenadelauncher        
Broadswordexq         Bastionexq              Submachinegun          
Broadswordholy        Battleaxe               Submachinegun_modified 
Broadsworddread       Battleaxefine           Bows                   
Broadswordflame       Battleaxeexq            Compoundbow            
Claymore              Halberd                 Crossbow               
Claymorefine          Halberdfine             Crossbow_inc           
Claymoreexq           Halberdexq              Crossbowsilver         
Falchion              Lance                   Crossbowmag            
Falchionfine          Lancefine               Compoundbowmag         
Falchionexq           Lanceexq                Ivorybow               
Greatsword            Poleaxe                 Longbow                
Greatswordfine        Poleaxefine             Longbow_inc            
Greatswordexq         Spear                   Shortbow               
Rapier                Spearfine               Shortbow_inc           
Rapierfine            Spearexq                Silverbow              
Poleaxeexq            Quarterstaff            Gloves/Gauntlets       
Rapierexq             Bashing Weapons         Leathergloves          
Daggers               Axe                     Blackgloves            
Dagger                Axefine                 Gauntlets              
Daggerfine            Axeexq                  Gauntlets_cold         
Daggerexq             Hammer                  Gauntlets_fire         
Daggersilver          Hammerfine              Gauntlets_heavy        
Dirk                  Hammerexq               Jewelry                
Dirkfine              Mace                    Ringdiamond            
Dirkexq               Macefine                Silvernecklace         
Morodagger            Maceexq                 Goldnecklace           
Morodaggerfine        Pointymace              Diamondnecklace        
Morodaggerexq         Pointymacefine          Bloodnecklace          
Poignard              Pointymaceexq           Braceletblood          
Poignardfine          Armor                   Braceletdiscipline     
Poignardexq           Chainmail               Amuletdiscipline       
Stake                 Chainmail_holy          Ringonyx               
Helmets               Chainmail_unholy        Ringsilver             
Skullcap              Scalemail               Ringgold               
Lighthelm             Scalemail_holy          Bloodring              
Fullhelm              Scalemail_unholy        Misc                   
Fullhelm_cold         Halfplate               Taser                  
Fullhelm_elec         Halfplate_holy          Greekfire              
Fullhelm_fire         Halfplate_unholy        Torch                  
Fullhelm_holy         Platemail               Flashlight             
Fullhelm_unholy       Platemail_holy          Gangreleye             
Fullhelm_sun          Platemail_unholy        Neckguard              
Lighthelm             Flakjacket              Holywater              
Lighthelm_cold        Tailoredarmor           Plasmabag              
Lighthelm_elec        Firearms                Vitae                  
Lighthelm_fire        Pistol                  Bloodstone             
Lighthelm_holy        Pistol_sighted          Chainsaw               
Lighthelm_unholy      Pistol_modified         Machete                
Lighthelm_sun         Revolver                Fraggrenade            
Swathelm              Revolver_sighted        Concgrenade            
Shields               Revolver_modified       Shuriken               
Buckler               Magnum                  Scythe                 
Cavalryshield         Shotgun                 Argentbaton            
Greatshield           Shotgun_modified        Baseballbat            
Greatshield_cold      Stakegun                Vitaeelder             
Greatshield_elec      Rifle                   Handconrad             
Greatshield_fire      Rifle_sighted           Berserkerfang          
Greatshield_holy      Rifle_Modified          Garouclaw              
Greatshield_sun       Assaultrifle            Daggerthorns
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