Cheats for U.B. Funkeys (PC)

On the  main menu, click Options. Fill out one of these codes in order 
to get the effect on the next log-in. It may used only once per account.
iluvfunkeys345         - Adds 50 coins to your game.
sproutarboretum852     - +75 coins, 5 new wall arts.
wasabipagoda992        - +100 coins, box of Exploding Whizbangs.
funkeystownmuseum28    - +75 coins, Chocolate Lava Lamp.
6786allworkandnoplay   - +50 coins, Insane Flaming Hoop.
radicarules4565        - you get 500 coins and a very rare diamond treasure chest.
tikihut327             - you get 25 coins and a war totem.
ROCKETWITHSPROCKET6588 - 25 Coins and a Robot.
BOGGLETHEMIND2256      - 50 Coins and a Foul Smelling Chair.
RADICARULES4565        - 500 Coins and a Diamond Treasure Chest.
KELPYBASIN4564         - 75 Coins and a Chocolate Seaweed.
BOGGLEDEN129           - 75 Coins and a Ghost Flame Toilet.
DASCRATCHCLUB983       - 75 Coins and a Platinum Record.
FALLOUTCOMPOUND358     - 75 Coins and a Solid Gold Panel.
PONDERINGPARK453       - 75 Coins and a Sonic Shield Generator.
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