Cheats for Turbo Subs (PC)

Go to ...\Turbo Subs\Data\Config\Game then open "scores1.ini",
"scores2.ini", and "scores3.ini". 
Then edit the "tip1" and "tip2" to a amount that you think your
worth. You will find that the game becomes alot easier.

F-A-S-T Rebecca Server!:
This Cheat (a little edit) will make Rebecca moves around VERY fast.
1. Goto ...\Turbo Subs\Data\Config\Game

2. Open file "c_rebecca.ini" then go to Line That Says "speed_move_world_1",
    "speed_move_world_2" and "speed_move_world_3" and Edit its Value. 
    Don't forget to add .0 (like 2000.0). I Suggest using speed of 2000.0

3. Save the File. Then open the Game.
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