Cheats for Trove (PC)

Gameplay Commands:
/loc        - Displays your current XZY location in chat
/who        - Lists players who are in the same world as you 
/chatlist   - Lists players who are in the same chat as you 
				Syntax: /chatlist chatname 
/getxp      - Displays your current level & the amount of needed XP to level up
/xp         - Displays your current level & the amount of needed XP to level up
/friendlist - Opens your friendlist (Pressing O also does this) 
/friend     - Adds a player to your friend list ~Syntax /friend username 
/ignore     - Adds a player to your ignore list ~Syntax /ignore username 
/store      - Opens the store window (Pressing N also does this) 
/respawn    - Forces your character to respawn 
/showhat    - Toggles your hat model on and off; keeps stats active 
/showface   - Toggles your mask model on and off; keeps stats active 
/quit       - Forces the game to quit immediately 
/getworldid - Gets the "worldID" for the world you are currently in 
/joinworld  - Join the world with the specified ID ~Syntax /joinworld id 
/joinme     - Sends a request to join your world, the player will then
				teleport to the requester's current location 
				Syntax: /joinme username 
/tutorial   - Teleports the player to the Tutorial World 
/kick       - Used in Shadow Arenas by their unlocker to kick players
             Syntax: /kick username 
/stats      - Shows some stats from you 
/clearcornestone - Resets your cornerstone back to the default house. 
                  Everything on your cornerstone will be deleted after you
                  confirm the clear. Syntax: /clearcornestone slot number 
/mastery       - Shows some mastery rank stats and experience 
/welcome       - Opens up the welcome screen 
/testarena     - Allows you to start a PVP match in your club arena
                 without waiting for 10 players 
/debugtext     - Displays frames-per-second, latency, and coordinates of
                the player's location on the top left of the screen 
/region        - Displays current region you're playing on (live-us or live-eu)
                you're playing on (live-us or live-eu) 
/uiscale       - Increases or decreases size of UI; may not work properly

Chat Commands:
/1        - Switches to the global chat 
/2        - Switches to the world chat 
/number   - Switches to battle arena chat 
           (while in battle arena you join a team chat) 
/join     - Joins or creates another chat channel. If you are already 
           in the target channel, it sets your chat mode to send messages 
           into the channel instead. Syntax: /join number 
/join     - You can simply use the chat channel ID (appears at the very
           left of a message sent into a channel) to switch over into 
           the respective  channel. Syntax: /join number 
/leave    - Leaves a chat channel ~Syntax /leave channel name 
/say      - Sends a message to players that are within 40 blocks of range 
/c1       - Switches to club 1 chat 
/c2       - Switches to club 2 chat. This goes up to club 5 (/c5) 
/reply    - Sends a reply to the last whisper you received. This does not apply
           to messages you've sent but have yet to receive a response to 
/dnd      - Do Not Disturb, while in dnd mode playersa cannot whisper 
           or invite you 
/hide     - Hidden Mode, while in hidden mode you appear offline 
           to other players 

/join price - Accesses the price chat for price checking 
/join trade - Accesses the trade chat to set up trades 
             with other players in the chatroom 
/join st    - Accesses the Shadow Tower (ST) chat to look 4 groups fighting STs
/join ladybug - Accesses the farming Ladybug Invaders chat. 
               Useful for finding groups that farm Ladybug Invaders 
/join sky     - Accesses the Sky channel to set up groups to farm the Sky Realm
               for Radiant Giants, Radiant Shards & Crystallized Clouds
/join recipe  - Accesses the Recipe chat to find people willing to
               share recipe lairs they have found with other players 
/join fishing - Accesses the fishing chat to find people to fish
               with. This is useful for getting help catching rare fish 
/join dragon  - Accesses the dragon chat to help find and make groups for the 
               Dracocolatl, Thallasion and Flakbeard world bosses 
/join adventure - Accesses the adventure chat to find players and
                 make groups to go out on adventures in Adventure Portals 
/join sunlight  - Accesses to sunlight bulb farming chat.Useful for
                 finding groups that farm sunlight bulb and teleport to giant
                  sunflower structures with bulbs growing over them 
/join challenge - Accesses to a big group that is doing the current challenge 
/join build     - Accesses to a chat for builders. Useful to share your
                 builds with other builders or to assemble a build team 
/join club      - Accesses to the club chat which is great for club
                 recruitment or if your looking to join a club 
/join music     - Accesses to a chat for the musicians of Trove to share
                 their latest songs or to help teach others how 
                 to make some music in Trove 
/join reddit     - Accesses to a chat for people from the Trove subreddit 
/join friendship - Accesses to a chat for people who want to make friends 
/join mining     - Accesses to a chat for people who want to go mining
                  with other players. Is useful for group mining 
/join sailing    - Accesses to a chat for people who want to go sailing
                  with other people or are looking for merchant ships           
                  in adventure worlds 
/join minigames  - Accesses to a chat for people who want to host
                  minigames or play minigames 
/join francais   - Accesses to a chat for french speaking people 
/join espanol    - Accesses to a chat for spanish speaking people 
/join portugues  - Accesses to a chat for portuguese speaking people 
/join ru         - Accesses to a chat for Russianspeaking people 

/sit      - Makes your character sit 
/pose     - Places your character into a battle-ready stance. 
           (Also displays your currently equipped wings) 
/epicpose - Places your character along with your trusty mount into
           a truly epic stance 
/zzz      - Makes your character sleep (This also activates automatically
           if you are AFK for 2 minutes) 
/wave     - Makes your character wave his hand 
/dance    - Makes your character dance 
/laugh    - Makes your character laugh 
/cry      - Makes your character cry 
/shrug    - Makes your character shrug 
/bow      - Makes your character bow 
/prance   - Makes Princess Prancy Prance prance. 
           Exclusive only to people riding the mount 
/stomp    - Makes Princey Mcevilface stomp. 
           Exclusive only to people riding the moun

/club         - Lists all club commands 
/club invite  - Invites a player to the club chosen 
/club list    - Shows all current members of a club 
/club leave   - Leaves a club 
/club promote - Grants a player in your club a promotion. The chain goes 
               from Member (default), to Architect (can build in default club
               worlds), to Officer (club management, such as inviting, 
               demoting, promoting, and kicking), and Leader (can demote 
               anyone and build anywhere). Promotion/Demotion/Kick/Invite 
               messages are shown to all club members 
/club demote  - Demotes a player in the club 
/club kick    - Removes a player from the club 
/club makeprimary - Give priority to the chosen club over the others 
/club log     - Displays the most recent edits to club world & its inventories 
/zonerestrict - Make a zone of a club world restricted to specific ranks 
/renameworld [name] - Make a zone of a club world restricted to specific ranks 

Battle Arena:
/getbattleboxinfo - See the current time toward your next Battle Box 
/testarena        - Force start a PvP match with the current players in the
                   waiting hub. Forcing a match will test the map however 
                   no Battle EXP will be gained after the match is finished 

/hideplayer       - Hides your character model 
/showplayer       - Shows your character model 
/screenshot       - Stores a screenshot in your Trove folder; 
                   this does not include the UI 
/large_screenshot - Stores a screenshot whose size is double the
                   normal resolution to four files, and each 
                   individual screenshot is a fourth of the screen. 
                   Add two parameters to save more tiles 
                   (i.e.; /large_screenshot 3 3) 
/timelapse        - Captures screenshots over a period of time; 
                   uses the camera angle from where the command is started; 
                   the minimum delay is 5 and the default delay is 20 
/showui           - Toggles the UI on/off; not recommended; use F7 instead 
/epicpose         - Summons your mount, removes the UI, & allows you to select 
                   the pose of your character before taking a screenshot 

Meta Forge:
/mf            - Brings you to the metaforager.NOTE: once you use this command,
                you must restart to exit Metaforge 
/weaponpreview - Lets you test what a weapon blueprint looks like in-game. 
                (works outside of Metaforge) 
/hairpreview   - Previews hair creations. (works outside of Metaforge) 
/hatpreview    - Previews hat creations. (works outside of Metaforge) 
/facepreview   - Previews face decoration creations. 
                (works outside of Metaforge)
/devopreview   - Previews cornerstone decoration creations 
/load          - Loads a blueprint 
/save          - Saves a blueprint (You may also use /save after loading a
                blueprint to save over the last loaded blueprint) 
/wadd          - Adds a prefab to your inventory. The # is optional and
                specifies amount to be added, the default is 1. 
                These can be found in iv \Prefabs and its subfolders 
/dungeon       - Used to preview a fully-assembled dungeon 
/settime       - Adjusts the phase of the daylight cycle. The max. value is 24
/timelapsedungeon     - Show your dungeon being assembled 
                       for troubleshooting purposes 
/stoptimelapsedungeon - Cancels or stops the /timelapsedungeon rogression 
/floodfill            - Replaces all connected blocks of the type your cursor
                       is over with the one you have equipped 
                       (like the paint bucket in MS Paint) 

/buildmod         - Creates a .tmod file out of the modded files located 
                   in override folders 
/workshop upload  - Uploads a mod to Steam Workshop 

/drawdistance  - Changes your render distance; 
                ranges from 32 to 210;  default is 128 
/fxenable      - Toggles on or off a few special effects, including clouds 
/msaa          - Toggles on or off MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing) 
/postfxaa      - Toggles on or off FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) 
/postbloom     - Toggles on or off the bloom effect. Bloom is a minor
                effect, which most systems can handle fairly well 
                it will put a glow of luminance around visual effects, 
                such as the Gunslinger's shots, the Shadow Hunter's arrows, 
                or the Neon Ninja's swipes. While it is a very subtle effect, 
                it is very easy to get used to 
/postdof       - Toggles on or off the depth of field effect. This will blur 
                objects that are too close or too far from the camera. 
                Huge culprit of FPS issues 
/postedge      - Toggles on or off the black borders around objects; 
                may not work properly 
/postlensflare - Toggle on or off the lens flare effect. 
                This is most notably visible by looking at the sun 
/shadercomplexity - Toggles various shader effects; lower values
                   will make it difficult to see in low light areas. 
                   The effect on performance is determined by the quality 
                   of your graphics card 
/loddistance      - Increases or decreases LOD distance. 
                   (valid values 15-96, default is 60) 
/retromode        - Toggles on or off 16-bit graphics; 
                   sets the supersampling to 25% and appears to limit 
                   the colors on screen. Gives a small FPS boost, 
                   but not recommended, since it's difficult to see anything 

/mastervolume - Set the game main volume between 0 and 100; default is 25 
/gamevolume   - Set the game main volume between 0 and 100; default is unknown
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