Cheats for Tropico 5 (PC)

Hold [Right Shift] then type one of the following codes:
ifoundtheplans     - Mission select                 
meepmeep           - Instant construction           
penultimoroxx      - Instant win                    
llamalottery       - $100,000                       
lelaw              - No prerequisites for edicts    
scotch             - +20 US relations               
kurwa              - +20 USSR relations             
noscotch           - -20 US relations               
redsquared         - -20 USSR relations             
spinnyspinny       - Tornado outbreak               
dryspell           - Drought disaster               
shakennotstirred   - Earthquake disaster            
eldiablo           - Fire disaster                  
surfsup            - Hurricane                      
leveltwelvepaladin - Maximizes workers' experience and students 
                     graduate instantly
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