Cheats for Tropico 3 (PC)

No console, just type these in as you play:
trabajono        - Unlock all missions (being the demo it just displays all
                   the missions on the campaign map.
speedygonzales   - Instant construction
iamthestate      - No prerequisites for edicts.
elpollodiablo    - Instant win.
muchopesos       - Gain 100000 dollars.
whiskey          - +20 to relations with the US.
nowhiskey        - -20 to relations with the US.
vodka            - +20 to relations with the USSR.
novodka          - -20 to relations with the USSR.
twoheadedllama   - Raises tourism rating to 100.
pachangasi       - Raises happiness values of all Tropicans with 10.
dinggratz        - Max. all workers' experience & students graduate instantly
cheguevara       - Triggers a Rebel attack on a building.
downwiththetyrant- Triggers a Rebel attack on the Palace.
generalpenultimo - Triggers a Military Coup.
civilwar         -  Trigger Uprising.
vivala0          - Trigger Random Submersive Activity.
vivala1          - Trigger Assassination Attempt.
vivala2          -  Trigger Hostage Crisis.
vivala3          - Trigger Bomb Threat.
vivala4          - Trigger Worker Strike.
vivala5          - Trigger Media Occcupation.
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