Cheats for Tropico 1 (PC)

Hold down the [CTRL] button while you enter the cheat.
If you want to use the cheat more then once,
release [CTRL], re-press it, and enter the code again.

Code      Result
pesos     Add $20,000
contento  Increase Happiness by 10
rapido    Fast Build

Stop Elections (Hint)
Eliminate every opponent that runs against you until
the election, then the game will notify you after the
election that the people are upset that you killed him,
and a new opponent will run. It will still think its
election time, after a new twelve months, but
you will never have to run again! For the best effect
, when its coming up to the last month of election,
issue an order to have your opponent made "heretic".
If youre too fast make the next one the same,
and so forth.
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