Cheats for Tribes: Vengeance (PC)

Use the command line parameter -console to start the game.  
Now during the game press [Tab] to get the console then type in 
one of the following cheat codes:

god            - God Mode                                                   
allammo        - 999 ammo and grenades                                      
stat FPS       - Shows FPS                                                  
stat all       - Shows all stats                                            
stat net       - Shows network stats                                        
stat none      - Remove stats                                               
FOV ##         - Field of view by number                                    
fly            - Fly Mode (Warning: Stays after reload of save game)        
ghost          - No Clipping Mode (Warning: Stays after reload of save game)
                 "Changes" your size (Pretty worthless but amusing when 
changesize #   - used with 'lockcamera')                                    
                 Unlocks/Locks Camera (your character will walk around 
lockcamera     - but you will still fire from your camera position)         
killpawns      - Kills everything except you (Can cause story problems)     
walk           - Toggles Fly Mode off                                       
summon [name]  - Spawn indicated object                                     

Items Names for Summoning:
Energy pack        EquipmentClasses.PackEnergy
Repair pack        EquipmentClasses.PackRepair
Speed pack         EquipmentClasses.PackSpeed
Shield pack        EquipmentClasses.PackShield
Hand grenade       EquipmentClasses.WeaponHandGrenade
Spinfusor          EquipmentClasses.WeaponSpinfusor 
Grenade launcher   EquipmentClasses.WeaponGrenadeLauncher
Sniper/laser rifle EquipmentClasses.WeaponSniperRifle
Buckler            EquipmentClasses.WeaponBuckler
Mortar launcher    EquipmentClasses.WeaponMortar
Blaster/shotgun    EquipmentClasses.WeaponBlaster
Burner/plasma gun  EquipmentClasses.WeaponBurner
Rocket launcher    EquipmentClasses.WeaponRocketPod
Chaingun           EquipmentClasses.WeaponChaingun
Grappler           EquipmentClasses.WeaponGrappler
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