Cheats for Trespasser (Demo) (PC)

Ctrl + F11 - Give you access to the Console, you have to type
to see it, it's at the bottom left corner.
BIONICWOMAN - Jump high, but run slow.
INVUL       - Invulnerablitly.
LOC         - Location.
TELE        - Unknown.
GORE 2      - Enhances level of blood.
DINOS       - Pause Dinos in tracks.
BONES       - Shows outline, of things you can interact with, or just
shows objects.
WOO         - Unlimited ammo.
TNEXT       - Transports you through important locations on the level.
GORE        - Fatal error.
FTB         - Unknown.
BTB         - Unknown.
IMOUSE      - Unknown.
WIN         - Ending movie.
SORT        - Fatal error. You can also jump to any level by hitting
CTRL + shift + Q + W and then letting up on W.
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