Cheats for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (PC)

Infinite XP:
Play Chapter 2: Ruins Of Crystal City - The Lost Vault, and proceed 
through the mission until you get the "Search for the leaders of 
the Insecticons" objective. Before you can fight the leaders, 
there will be three swarms of Insecticons you have to kill. 
After defeating the three swarms, walk over to the terminal and 
interact with it, then back out of the terminal. This will save 
your progress. Pause the game, and select the "Restart From Last Checkpoint"
option to start at the beginning of the swarm attacks again. 
Repeat this process as many times as desired. 

Note: You will also be completing challenges that give you Gear Boxes 
      that contain 4x, 5x, and 6x XP to make the process faster. 
      Additionally, equip any hack that will give you extra XP.

Experience points:
Play Chapter 7 and hack the weapons terminal toward the end before 
entering the final turret section. Choose "No Shield Regen" while 
hacking to get +300% experience points and slot the x6 XP Multiplier, 
several times if possible. Once done, go to the Jazz prison area, 
clear out the basic enemies, go to the objective marker, and jump 
on the turret. Once the enemies spawn, use the T.E.C.H. XP bonuses 
and destroy all approaching enemy. Use each bonus as the previous one lifts. 
Either wait for Jazz to die or select the "Restart from last checkpoint" 
option before the end of this section to farm experience points.
You will keep all earned experience points after restarting and 
can repeat the process as many times as desired.  Play the "Lost Vault" 
in Chapter 2 and get to the "Search for the Leaders of the Insecticons" 
objective. Switch to Starscream and clear out the waves of Insecticon enemies. 
When the room is empty, use the weapon terminal and leave it behind 
for an autosave to keep the experience points earned. Choose 
the "Restart from last checkpoint" and repeat the battle as many 
times as desired.
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