Cheats for Total Club Manager 2005 (PC)

Easy money:
Go into Club/Stadium Facilities/Stadium Expansion. 
Change the stadium type (rounded corners, oval; this will cost you money) 
and select "Build Stadium". Do this again (changing the stadium type, 
build it), and you will receive money. Note: Do not do this if 
you are thinking about building a new stadium.

Always check the player status screen before you sell a player. 
If a player has a close friend on the team, this will cost a lot of morale. 
This could be disastrous if the remaining player is one of your stars.

Finding good released players:
At the start of the game or after any season finishes, go into the 
transfer market and search with the following details:

All Players:
Transfer Limit : #0
Min Potential  : (whatever standard of player you need)
Position       : (whatever you need)
Side           : (whatever you need)
Age            : Any
Search         : All Counties 

After doing this, the game will display all the players above your 
potential level who have been released. It is possible to sign 
Henry, Terry, and Ronaldinho this way. Note: You may need to wait 
until a particular player becomes available.
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