Cheats for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PC)

Enter the codes at the Options/Cheat menu, then
while playing, pause the game and go to the
cheats menu to activate them.
(The codes are case-sensitive)

Result                            Code
Master code                     - backdoor
Level select                    - roadtrip
All characters except Doom Guy  - YOHOMIES
All created skaters             - WeEatDirt
All decks                       - GiveMeSomeWood
All FMV sequences except
Gearbox Tribute                 - Peepshow
Doom Guy skater and Gearbox
Tribute FMV sequence            - idkfa

Developer Created Skaters:
Enter one of the following names at the Create a Skater screen and 
their stats will appear. 
Note: Some of the names are those of children from 
      the development team.
Aaron Skillman (also by entering Aaron, Skillman, or ARS)
Alan Flores
Andrew Rausch (also by entering Jujy)
Andy Nelson
Brian Jennings (also by entering BDJ or Brian)
Captain Jennings (also by entering Cap'n Jennings or Capn Jennings)
Chad Findley (also by entering Stallion or Doofus)
Chris Glenn
Chris Rausch (also by entering Team Chicken, CJR, or Rausch)
Chris Ward
Connor Jewett
Darren Thorne (also by entering Darren or Thorne)
Dave Cowling
Dave Stohl
Edwin Fong (also by entering Maya's Daddy)
Gary Jesdanun (also by entering Garvin or Garvin Jesdanun)
Henry Ji
James Rausch (also by entering My Jamie)
Jason Uyeda
Jeremy Anderson
Joel Jewett
Johnny Ow
Junki Saita (also by entering Kage)
Kevin Mulhall (also by entering Guilt Ladle)
Lisa Davies
Mark Scott (also by entering Hi Ben)
Matthew Day
Mick West
Mike Ward
Nicole Willick
Noel Hines (also by entering Noel or Hines)
Nolan Nelson
Paul Robinson
Pete Day
Rachael Day
Ralph D'Amato
Ryan McMahon
Sandy Jewett
Scott Pease (or by entering Scott Pease, Spease, or Cheesy Peasey)
Steve Ganem
Steven Rausch (or by entering Wevenowski)
Trey Smith
William Pease (or by entering Wild Bill) 

Tony Hawk's Sons as Created Skaters:
Enter Riley Hawk or Spencer Hawk as a name at the Create a Skater 
screen and their stats will appear. 

Hidden Created Skaters:
80's Mark
Grass Patch
Mini Joel
Pimpin Frank
Skillzilla (or by entering Gi Skillz)
Stacey D 

Cheat Codes:
Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. 
Enter "magicmissile" as a code to unlock all mode options.
Enter "backdoor" as a code to unlock all cheat options.
Enter "roadtrip" as a code to unlock all levels.
Enter "yohomies" as a code to unlock all characters.
Enter "givemesomewood" as a code to unlock all decks for the current skater.
Enter "Peepshow" as a code to unlock all movies under the options menu.
Enter "PUMPMEUP" as a code to unlock full stats for your character. 

If cheats entered correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected. 

Cheat Mode:
Play as usual then pause the game, hold fast spin left, 
then press up, grind without releasing the fast spin left button, 
then go to the menu, and select end run.
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