Cheats for Tomb Raider: Anniversary (PC)

Also known as: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary
All Egypt Music:
Complete Temple of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon and the Sanctuary of the Scion.

All Greece Music:
Complete St. Francis' Folly, Coliseum, Palace Midas and the Tomb of Tihocan.

All Lost Island Music:
Complete Natla's Mines, The Great Pyramid and The Final Conflict.

All Peru Music:
Complete Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, 
The Lost Valley and the Tomb of Qualopec.

All Weapons:
Complete all Greece Time Trials.

Camouflage Suit:
Obtain the relic from the Temple of Khamoon.

Cat Suit:
Obtain the relic from the Sanctuary of the Scion.

Classic Suit:
Obtain the relic from The Lost Valley.

Croft Manor music theme:
Complete Croft Manor. 

Character Bios (Effect / How to):
Doppelganger  - Collect 36 artifacts 
Kid           - Collect 14 artifacts 
Kold          - Collect 18 artifacts 
Lara Croft    - Collect 05 artifacts 
Larson        - Collect 09 artifacts 
Natla         - Collect 41 artifacts 
Pierre        - Collect 23 artifacts 
Richard Croft - Collect 32 artifacts 
Winston       - Collect 27 artifacts
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