Cheats for Tomb Raider 2: Gold (PC)

All Weapons
While playing, take out a flare, take one step forward
(hold down walk key while pressing up arrow), then take
one step backwards, turn around 3 full times and then jump

Exploding Lara
Draw any weapon, then walk one step forward, one step backwards,
turn around in a circle three times then jump backwards.

Get Outside of Lara's Front Gate
In the practice level you can get outside of Lara's front gate.
Simply go to the last obstacle(the rope slide) walk to the edge
with the rope slide and side step right all the way you can.
After this you must turn about an 1/8 of a turn towards the wall.
Now jump in the air, without pushing any direction buttons, while
in the air press the look button and forward, and let go before
landing. Repeat this process a few more times and by about the third
jump you should be on top of the tower and able to jump onto Lara's
outside wall. Don't ask me why this happens must be a glich in the
game. From here you can get outside of Lara's front gate or even get
a view of her hedge maze, from above.
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