Cheats for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (PC)

Also known as: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Use a text editor to edit the "[profile name].ini" file in the 

\documents and settings\all users\application data\
  \ubisofttom clancy's splinter cell chaos theory\profiles\[profile name]" 


Add the line. Bind one of the following codes to a function key 
as indicated, then press it during game play to toggle the 
corresponding cheat function. For example, make the corresponding 
changes to that file. 


fly                                        - Flight mode         
health                                     - Get health          
ammo                                       - Get ammunition      
invisible                                  - Invisible to NPCs   
invincible                                 - Invincibility       
summon echeloningredient.eringairfoilround - Spawn airfoil round 
summon echeloningredient.eflashbang        - Spawn flashbang     
summon echeloningredient.efraggrenade      - Spawn frag grenade  
summon echeloningredient.esmokegrenade     - Spawn smoke grenade 
summon echeloningredient.estickycamera     - Spawn sticky camera 
summon echeloningredient.estickyshocker    - Spawn sticky shocker
summon echeloningredient.ewallmine         - Spawn wallmine      

Catching Shetland:
Have your sniper zoomed-in on the guard. 
When there is a fight, shoot, run, and catch Shetland. 
Then, end the mission.

Elite Mode:
Complete the game successfully. Elite mode starts the game 
with only the knife and unloaded guns.
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