Cheats for TOCA 2 (PC)

Also known as: Touring Car 2 (TOCA 2)
Enter these codes as your name (Single player games only):

DOUBLE     - all Tracks
CARTASTIC  - all Cars
OUCH       - battle Mode
RUBBER     - bouncy Crashes
MOVIE      - silly Crashes
HIGHJUMP   - low Gravity
HANGOVER   - blurred Horizon
SKINNY     - wheels Only View
SKATES     - double Speed
TIMEOUT    - full Championship Distances
TOPDOWN    - have a GTA type view available to you
GIRDLE     - higher Decors and Walls, Side of Road Higher, Narrower Roads
              and Shortcomings Amplified
BANGBANG   - new option in the challenge mode
BCASTLE    - bouncing ground
BIGLEY     - all tracks available
CMDIFF     - all difficulty levels accessible
DINKYBIT   - park island
DUBBED     - easier damaging
ELASTIC    - all tracks are elevated
FASTBOY    - higher speed
JUSTFEET   - only the wheels are visible
LONGLONG   - 40 laps per race
LUNAR      - low gravity
MECHANIC   - all cars available
MINICARS   - top-down view
PADDED     - bouncing walls
TECHLOCK   - bonus track
TRIPPY     - weird background
HANGOVER   - makes things go a little hazy
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