Cheats for TOCA 1 (PC)

Also known as: Toca: Touring Car Championship, Touring Car 1 (TOCA 1)
Enter these codes as your name: 
CMIMPOSS    - Increases difficulty
CMUPSIDE    - Drive upside down
WEFLIPPED   - Mirrored Tracks
TWINPEAKS   - 2x Height
ETHANOL     - Speed boost
GLYCERINE   - Nitro boost
T2          - Chrome cars
KRAZYKERBS  - Exploding kerbs
CMGARAGE    - Extra Vehicles, found in the two empty garages 
              after the Laguna
TANK        - Horn button shoots weapon.
FLEXMOBILE  - Rear Wheel Drive (better traction)
XBOOSTME    - All car speeds doubled
CMCOPTER    - Helicopter view
CMSTARS     - Gives the sky a nice and pretty evening look...
CMNOHITS    - Collision detection off
CMMICRO     - Top Down racing view (as in Micro Machines)
CMCHUN      - Go-Kart View
CMDISCO     - Disco Fog
CMFOLLOW    - Trackside camera view
CMLOGRAV    - Low Gravity
CMTOON      - Cartoon Horizon
CMCATDOG    - Cats and dogs fall from the sky
CMMAYHEM    - Makes the other drivers more aggressive
CMHANDY     - Bigger hands on steering weel
JHAMMO      - All tracks
CMLOCK      - Lock up all the tracks again
CMRAINUP    - Rain falls upwards
PATSCREEM   - Enables TOCA showdown mirrored championship
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