Cheats for Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (PC)

If you press the escape key while in game you will see the 
Unlock Content button. Press that and enter any of the 
following codes to unlock an item set.

373624   - Armament of Gaul set
437626   - Armament of Germania set
925678   - Garb of the Great Merchant set
274267   - Shinobi Shozoku set 
96958644 - Achilles' Spear 
13333786 - Anendjib's Spear 
63466346 - Ares' Wrath 
53253253 - Armor of the Immortal Guard 
12472353 - Fury of the Three Amazons 
15662674 - Herod's Reach 
85376494 - Horsemaster's Pike 
14441522 - Monk's Spade 
25356154 - Penetrating Spear of Ko k'Bi 
53262633 - Raptor 

Start at a higher level:
Once you install the Immortal Throne expansion, you can import characters 
from the original game to the expansion, with the option to rename them. 
You can use this to start new characters at a higher level. 
To do this, start a new character on the original (non-expansion) Titan Quest.
Raise that character a few levels without selecting a mastery or allocating 
stat points. Now, you can import and rename that character in the expansion 
as many times as you like, effectively allowing you to start new characters 
at a higher level, with all points unallocated!
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