Cheats for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (PC)

Start a new career eg. (John Smith) and exit TW 2004.

Go to My DocumentsTiger Woods PGA TOUR 2004CareerPlayers and open the 
players name you created (John Smith.plr) with a hex editor 

At offset 00021616 change the values to FF FF FF.
This should give you about $1.5 Billion.

This should be more than enough to complete career level by 
your Attributes. This also should not affect your winnings. i.e. your 
winnings still show the correct ammount you have won, but you will 
have $1.5 Billion in the bank.

Cheat Codes:
THEKITCHENSINK   - All Courses and Golfers 
ALLTHETRACKS     - All courses 
CANYOUPICKONE    - All Golfers 
SHERWOOD TARGET  - Unlock 3 hole target shootout 
THENEWLEFTY      - "Yosh" Tanigawa 
DISCOKING        - Dominic "The Don" Donatello 
CEDDYBEAR        - Cedric The Entertainer 
ACEINTHEHOLE     - Ace andrews 
4REDSHIRTS       - Sunday Tiger 
DWILBY           - Hamish "Mulligan" MeGregor 
SHORTGAME        - Solita Lopez 
EMERALDCHAMP     - Takeharu "Tsunami" Moto 
DTBROWN          - Downtown brown 
BEVERLYHILLS     - Val Summers 
ERUPTION Moa     - "Big Mo" Ta'a Vatu 
ICYONE           - Erica Ice 
ERUPTION         - Edwin "Pops" Masterson 
TRAVELER         - Unknown
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