Cheats for Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon (PC)

Press [ENTER] then type any of the following codes:

Code                   Result
!om+god!             - God Mode (Units Must be Selected First)
!om+speed!           - Speeds Up the Game
!om+godblessovermax! - Level Max to All Generals
(Must be Selected First) & Add Resources
!om+win!             - Win the Game
!om+fog!             - Show Entire Map
!obj+gold!           - Give Gold
!obj+timber!         - Give Lumber
!obj+rawmeat!        - Give Meat
!obj+corn!           - Give Corn
!obj+food!           - Give Food
!obj+iron!           - Give Iron
!obj+wine!           - Give Wine
!obj+all!            - Give All
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