Cheats for Thief 3: Deadly Shadows (PC)

Go to the Thief - Deadly ShadowsSystem directory:
Copy the DEFAULT.INI file for backup

Then Open the DEFAULT.INI with a texteditor like notepad.
Scroll to the [Difficulty] section. 

AI visual acuity multiplier    - how well AIs can see
AI auditory acuity multiplier  - how well AIs can hear
AI tactile acuity multiplier   - how well AIs can feel
AI hitpoints multiplier        - all AI starting hitpoints will be scaled 
                                 by this
AI-to-player damage multiplier - all damage applied to the player by the 
                                 AI is scaled by this

change the multiplier for see/hear/feel/hitpoints//damage to whatever 
u feel like, (0)zero usually does it hehe. As u can see the settings 
are for easy/normal/hard or expert level. If u want u can change them all, 
but its not necessary just remember which one u changed.

Item Maximums:
Gear and items are bought to be used in Thief 3. Don't go to 
great lengths to save items if you think they can help you 
stay alive and undiscovered, but don't waste them on lone 
guards or civilians who cannot fight back. 

On normal, the maximum gear Garrett may carry is:
Health Potion = 10 
Broadhead arrows = 30 
Noisemakers = 5 
Water Arrows = 25 
Moss Arrows = 20 
Gas Arrows = 5 
Fire Arrows = 15 
Flash Bombs = 20 
Explosive Mine = 5 
Gas Bomb = 5 
Oil Flask = 5
If Garrett proceeds to pick up another item when he is at maximum capacity, the item is "picked up" but is not added to the inventory. Be sure you have
room before you start grabbing items or you're just wasting hard earned loot! 

Final Note: Killing, blackjacking, or looting from the Hammerites or 
Pagans will decrease your standing with that faction.
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